BlackBerry Storm Update Features Better than or


Yet another OS update for the BlackBerry Storm has been leaked onto the Internet. Version of the BlackBerry Storm OS is more stable and faster than the operating system currently on the BlackBerry Storm from Verizon.

Update on Update May 29: It's official version of the BlackBerry Storm Update will be available on Sunday May 31 click here for details.

Previously it was thought that either or would be the build that would be pushed out Over-The-Air for the BlackBerry Storm. Neither version has passed validation tests for Verizon.

BlackBerry Storm users are hoping that will pass Verizon and be pushed to users.

Along with the fixed bugs in or, version has these improvements:

  • Screen Lock - The screen lock key now works.  Press the screen to lock it and then quick press unlocks.

    • Photo Gallery - It now works seamlessly, its no longer slow.  Photo browsing is more like the iPhone.

  • Camera - The camera operates, launches, and  focuses faster. It also feels more responsive.

  • In general is a stronger build with fewer problems including random re-starts.  The home screen is also more responsive.

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