BlackBerry (Storm) Free App of the Day: quub (cube) Instant Updater Beta


Wouldn't it be nice, if you could let all your friends or family know what you are up to to in a few clicks without hassling with lots of typing and entering updates into several different social networking sites?

The quub, (pronounced cube) app for BlackBerry (
BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry 8800 Series, BlackBerry Curve 8300/8900 and BlackBerry Storm) helps users update their status with predictive pre-populated suggestions and then automatically updates status to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hi5, Tumblr, Plaxo, MySpace, Plurk, IM platforms and the quub web interface.

You could say quub is instant social-networking updater app. We named it our BlackBerry (Storm) App of the Day, because it helps everyone socialize and know what's going on with friends.

Say for example, you leave the office to go to Starbucks and you usually go around 3:00pm, when you begin to enter "Starbucks on Main St,'" the quub app will suggest your most probable choices for that time of day. quub for BlackBerry also offers pre-written choices, limiting the need for typing. Your friends then receive that update on whatever platform your chose and can contact you quickly to let you know that they can meet you there for some java.

Other uses  of quub for BlackBerry  include posting a status that you are driving or going a plane, letting people know not to bug you. Family members could use the service to all meet at the same place at one time.

The quub BlackBerry app allows users to:

  • View the status and presence of contacts to limit interruptions and allows connections on the first attempt.
  • Use
    point and click status suggestions, incorporating machine learning, to
    make updates instant for contacts on quub, Twitter, Facebook and soon,
  • Enter personalized presence and status updates.

quubbieIM.pngThe quub web features:

  • IM integration.  Through this service you put "quubie" on your IM buddy
    list.  When you want to update your status on, send quubie an
  • Link to profile is publicly available as a restricted profile.
  • You can manage your notifications by looking under "Settings" ->
    "Notification",right now it helps you control your email flow. .
  • Auto-accept contact requests  If you want to allow everyone to
    connect with you as a contact you can check a box and you don't have
    to approve new contact requests.  Good for the people who like to have
    huge lists of contacts.
  • Tag contacts/conversations with a star.
  • Import contacts from GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and AOL to a account.
  • Setup future tabs.

Right now the quub web app is in private beta and as of today there
are 5,510 spots remaining. You can get quub for BlackBerry these ways:

George Ruan, CEO and
co-founder of quub aid "This application streamlines BlackBerry status updates."


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