BlackBerry Storm App of the Day: FlyCast Free Radio with 1200 Stations

FlyCast_Storm_Playing_HipHop.jpgFlyCast was on display at the BlackBerry booth at CES and made some announcements including support for the G1 and a desktop PC and Mac widget.  FlyCast is today's BlackBerry Storm App of the Day because it offers so many listening options.

As far as mobile radio goes, FlyCast claims to have more radio stations than any other Internet radio or satellite platform with 1200 stations. The FlyCast app also works at slower speeds and doesn't require 3G access. It streams popular radio stations and it will work anywhere. If you are out of town and want to listen to a major radio station, you should be able to find some of your favorites from Boston, New York or Los Angeles.

Because of the vast amount of media available it makes sense that most BlackBerry Storm users will find a radio station that they like.  The BlackBerry app for FlyCast is also compatible with the BlackBerry Bold and most other BlackBerry Devices. The BlackBerry smartphone version of FlyCast supports background play, allowing users to listen while they use their handset for other functions, and also supports playback through Bluetooth stereo headsets.To download the BlackBerry Version of Flycast go to

The FlyCast instructions for BlackBerry suggest that you first download the jad file then:

When the
installation dialog comes up, click "Set Application Permissions" and
then click "Download". On the configuration screen, change the
"Connections" and "Interactions" settings from "Custom" to "Allow".
Press "Back" and then "Save"

The application will download and install.

If you have a Bold - Run "FlyCast" from the Downloads folder

If you have a Curve - Run "FlyCast" from the general "Ribbon"

In the BlackBerry Storm Forum they note:

If you are using FlyCast on a BlackBerry Storm, you will probably need to modify an application setting for a better display. Go in to Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications.Select FlyCast and hit the menu (BB) key.

Select"Disable compatibility mode". FlyCast should now take up the
whole screen and the keyboard won't be permanent. We are
working on a new UI that will be Storm specific so stay tuned.

The forum reccomends this version for BlackBerry Storm.

Flycast just added a "playing now feature" so that users can find shows FOX News, Sandusky and
Cromwell Radio Groups, stream many of the most popular shows in the
U.S., including programs hosted by Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingram, Sean Hannity and those featuring popular sports show hosts, including Jim Rome, Mike & Mike in the Morning, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, and Tirico & Van Pelt. Other shows are podcast such as Oprah & Eckhart Tolle. Their program guide shows how the shows are broadcast. They feature Comedy Central and other comedy programs.

The Beta Android version of Flycast is available at

Please let us know your impressions of the FlyCast for BlackBerry and your favorite radio stations.

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