BlackBerry Storm OTA Update Pushed Out In Next Few Weeks

Thumbnail image for 470113.jpgVerizon has confirmed  to Information Week, that it will push out an Over-the-Air (OTA) update of the BlackBerry Storm OS version, that we wrote about a few weeks ago.

The update adds a portrait on-screen keyboard and fixes over thirty bugs/glitches. One such bug is the one that caused the BlackBerry Storm to freeze when using voice dialing and a bug that caused the multicolored dots across the entire screen. The firmware update also will bring some improvements and new functionality.

For a full list of all the fixed bugs, please see the original article on BlackBerry Storm Update .  We will keep you posted as to the actual date of the push. In general, Verizon prefers to start the push on a Friday, like they did last time. Then they roll out updates over the network over the next couple of weeks.

Although this update is available on the web, we don't recommend you perform the update yourself, unless you know what you are doing.

If you have not gone through an OTA update before and would like to know how it works.  We wrote an article about that during the first official Verizon BlackBerry Storm update.  Since data and voice networks work separately, the OTA will not interrupt a voice phone call. You'll receive a notice about the OTA update and then you will be asked to reboot your BlackBerry Storm. The update will take a few minutes while the files are updated over the air.

If your BlackBerry Storm is off or out of range when the OTA is pushed, you will be contacted again later.

Update on Update May 22: The current update is now
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