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Thumbnail image for blackberrythunderstorm.jpgBlackBerry Storm owners can breathe a sigh of relief because the official Verzion BlackBerry Storm Update OS is being reviewed and it is seen as a godsend. It transforms the BlackBerry Storm into a quality, lovable device.

Worst to Quality
Matt Burns at TechGear wrote "It's now a quality phone that's worthy of the BlackBerry name." He noted they were "instantly pleased" after the download of 198 megabytes, took two hours.  Overall, everything is faster and more responsive; dialing, browsing, and photo taking.  There is a neat function added to text selection, a box appears around the selected text that can
be easily slid one way or the other to modify the selection. "It took the Storm from one of the worst phones ever made, to a quality BlackBerry."

New Found Love
Kyle at BlackBerry Cool comments that everything is more responsive and loves the new copy and paste selection tool. Browsing is improved and there's a a little green "Go" button. The screen lock works. He has a "new found love" for the BlackBerry Storm.

For a summary of all the bugs the  update fixes, read this article about the  announcement of the official Update OS that summarizes the features and links to full lists of changes.
Phones Reviews reports readers have commented that they are  having
problems since they have downloaded thieir BlackBerry Storm update,
some are saying that it deletes your contacts and addresses.
This can happen depending on how you complete the update. It is always
suggested that you backup all your data before upgrading. If you are
not sure how to do it yourself get some help. contact Verizon or RIM.
Read directions carefully and think before you click.

Earlier we reported with the previous BlackBerry Storm update, when you
update from your computer, users misunderstood what version of the
update they were installed and lost their data.  We have a pertinent screenshot in the update suggestions article that shows how to get the latest update from the BlackBerry Storm update page.

Meanwhile, Ubergizmo informs us today that there is another BlackBerry Storm OS leaked

BlackBerry Storm Apps Page.


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