BlackBerry Storm Update Seen at WES, Official at Vodafone, Verizon Soon?

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Vodafone has officially launched launched the update for for the BlackBerry Storm 9500.

It leads us to believe that Verizon will do the same soon. We're hoping for this Friday, May 8 for the BlackBerry Storm upgrade, because Verizon usually launches OTA updates on Fridays after business. However, this weekend is Mother's Day and Verizon wouldn't want to block calls to or from Mom. A few weeks ago, Verizon confirmed that the update would come in a few weeks.

Boy Genius Reports reported seeing a Verizon BlackBerry Storm running at the RIM booth at WES which appears to run faster. 

Eric Zeman at InfoWorld reports that his BlackBerry Storm experience has  been a whole lot better ever since he upgraded

BlackBerry Storm update includes the long list of changes for .along with a few other tweaks.

This update is definitely worth accepting when you receive the Over the Air notification for the upgrade.

Update on Update May 22: The current update is now

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2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm Update Seen at WES, Official at Vodafone, Verizon Soon?”

  1. This is a real frustration for me. The first update to .113 hasn't been distributed yet by Verizon and now there is talk of another update. Wow, hope the second update is as fast as the first one. They are dropping the ball on this and don't seem to understand the oveall importance of the timely distrobution of OS updates to their own market - unless they truely want the device to fail.

    • Dear Dan:

      What most likely will happen is that Verizon will release the latest update which will include all of along with the few tweaks from in one big push of They are very careful about when they push an update because it is data-intensive they won't do it on a busy weekend like Mother's Day.

      They do it on weekend so that the business customers don't have problems.

      Let's keep our fingers crossed for something very soon. It's much easier to wait for the OTA update then do it yourself.


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